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Identity Theft PSAs
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ID Theft PSA 1
First Place
"What Do You Do to Prevent
Identity Theft?"

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Identity Theft PSA 2
Second Place
"Erase the Threat of Identity Theft"
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Welcome Credit Unions!

NAFCU Services Corporation and our Preferred Partners are focused on helping credit unions grow and be more productive. As part of that mission, we have identified branding in general and advertising in particular as an especially thorny challenge, given that few credit unions have as national a footprint as our competitors.

We have funded and launched multiple online competitions (with GeniusRocket.com) to create a library of videos that credit unions can use in local markets on TV, cable, on Web sites, in branch and anywhere else you can think of!

These videos are available free of charge to download for credit unions, courtesy of NAFCU Services and our Preferred Partners. We have also negotiated a one-time fee of $150 with the creators of the videos to enable you to have them tailored with your credit union’s information. Click here to see examples of customized videos. There are no additional royalties or fees associated with the use of these videos.

Please note that NCUA has issued new rules requiring all federally insured credit unions to use a legible version of the NCUA insured logo or text "Federally insured by NCUA" on all advertisements, effective January 1, 2012. The NAFCU Services videos for credit unions have all been updated to comply with this new regulation.